Dart Flight

Dart Flight Picture

Dart flight is the fins or wings found at the back of a dart, which stabilize the dart during flight and are made of various materials.

Dart flight does not generate lift, airplane wings generate lift by means of their curved shape, whereas dart flight is flat. They only resist motion away from the centerline of the dart.

When playing darts, it’s important to spread your dart flight when you mount it on the shaft. Make sure of that the angels are around 90 degrease, and not flat mounted, if the flights are not properly mounted the darts is not that stabilized when you throw them. Flights are necessary for the dart to stabilize in the air when you throw it.

Dart flight come in many different shapes or colors and designs, and are one of the items that will be broken first, a bad flight make the throw worse, so always keep some spare flights when you throwing darts or participating in tournaments.